Still ‘shoot to kill’ by Burma Army

Is the Burma government truly taking steps towards democracy? As long as arbitrary killings are taking place in Burma, we need to watch the democracy process critically. Even now, the Burma army kills people in the ethnic areas in eastern Burma, according to eye witnessess of the Free Burma Rangers.

The Free Burma Rangers work in eastern Burma, with a focus on medical health, especially in the so called ‘Black Areas’; the area where the Burma Army used to have orders to ‘shoot to kill’. On the 9th of March 2012, a Karen volunteer of the Free Burma Rangers was shoot dead by the Burma Army in Karen State, while the Burma government have agreed to a ceasefire in Karen State early this year. And even more worrying, while the Burma government  talks about reforms and also international bans are being lifted.

Over the last decades, the Burma government again and again proved not to be able to take true steps on the road to democracy. How will the government of this new government respond to atrocities by their army? Will it put an end to these arbitrary killings, which always occur far outside the eye of the international media?  This will be key to be able to trust the new Burma government. Let them first show their true intention.

If you want to read more about this recent killing inside Burma, please read further on Free Burma Rangers.

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